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Name    : FundYourSelfNow

Symbol : FYN

Launch Period  : 02-06-2017 / 31-07-2017

Website :


Video :



before I apologize for submission to this article so bad , because I learned recently about  ico

What is FundYourselfNow (FYN)?

FundyourselfNow is a revolutionary crowdfunding platform that aims to be a complete solution provider for project creators, providing technical, marketing and eventually legal support for ICOs. We want to make the entire process as easy and hassle free as possible, and match these project creators with the resources that will ensure their success.

We are designed using the latest blockchain technologies ensuring:

  • Easy funding for project creators!
  • Greater accountability for project backers!
  • Expert advice from project helpers!

Our platform will help project creators get their projects funded by global backers fast! Creators will be able to create virtual tokens that allows backers to access unique customized rewards. These tokens can also be given as rewards to helpers who have contributed to the project.

Tokens can be later traded or sold via the internal marketplace. For Backers, projects can have milestone-based payments, backed by blockchain smart contracts. In the unfortunate event that projects fail to deliver on its promises, backers can vote to stop or delay a payment and get their money back. With greater accountability, everyone on FundYourselfNow will have peace of mind.

We have built an alpha version at which will give you a good idea of what we are trying to achieve. (Source :


I think his explanation is great, but there is less what it is a token?


I think at token mean by it is Fyn, fyn-based Etherum token
1 eth = 120 FYN token but only the date on (2nd June 2017 – 16th June 2017,14:00 UTC+8) [Early Bird Bonus]

1 eth = 100 FYN Token (16th June 2017, 14:01 UTC+8 – 31th July 2017, 17:00 UTC+8)

If you want Exchange to another crypto use


Meet the Team


Follow this map, as we would like you to be travelling along with us on this journey!


Hopefully this project run smoothly in the next year


Pictorial Description


Token Distribution

Token supply: 10 million
Crowdsale: 8 million (80%)
Early stage marketing and bounties: 300,000
Advisors and initial supporters: 700,000
Founders, Development Team and Future Employees: 1 million


FundYourselfNow offers an attractive share of the revenue to all token holders. This starts at 20% for the first year. We have an working alpha version of our product and we are looking for funding to bring it to completion and market it to the global market. Our aim is to grow the company into a billion dollar company eventually and the remaining transactions fees that we collect will be reinvested to grow the company.

FYN Token holders will be entitled to a cut of the transaction fees collected by the platform, starting at 20% initially and decreasing to 5% after year 6. The amount will be distributed proportionally among all token holders. Our aim is to grow the company into a billion dollar company eventually and the remaining transactions fees (80% and above) that we collect will be reinvested to grow the company so the tokens will eventually increase in value


Table Investor

If we raise 2 million USD, then investors will get their money back by year 4. (20% ROI)
If 5 million USD is raised, investors can expect to get their money back by the seventh year. (11% ROI)

We have structured the rewards so that it is realistic from a business standpoint, yet attractive and fair to the investors. The typical estimated ROI for ICOs with a revenue share model ranges from anywhere between 10% to 20%

To ensure sustained growth and profit generation for FYN, the rewards are structured so that part of the profits will be reinvested back into the platform to enhance product development. This will help increase the amount of funding raised through attracting more backers for the projects.

Backers will also get discounts on the platform fee (when it launches) based on their the amount of tokens purchased.

Reward Tier

10 Tokens – 10% discount
100 Tokens– 30% Discount
1000 Tokens– 50% Discount

The discount will be tied to the email address that was used to purchase the tokens invested during the ICO and it is non-transferable.


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