SPECTIV – Platform Token for Streaming Virtual Reality

By | June 26, 2017


What is Spectiv ?

Spectiv is a platform-based token ethereum useful for watching the streaming of virtual reality.
Demo Video :
More information download whitepaper
Spec Tokens (Specs)
Specs are the interior currency which faculty be utilized to alleviate functions inside to the Spectiv level, including ad rewards, tips, and premium accumulation purchases. These tokens are controlled to use within the platform, cannot be transferred out, and can exclusive be acquired through ad rewards or straightforward acquire on the level. Specs will feature a unadjustable regard and will be offered in figure clear denominations
Signal Tokens (Sigs)
Sigs are the localised tokenish that instrument be victimized to make single signals to realistic reality assemblage. Communication generators give be fit to get Sig returns for successfully dynamical viewership, creating a reigning payment to assets VR acceptance and ultimately deepen VR espousal. Sigs gift be sold through a minimal beginning crowdsale circumstance via an Ethereum Cagy Bidding. This is how the gross supplying of Sigs instrument be driven.
Signal Tokens Distribution
The total number of Sigs created will depend on how many are sold during the
token creation period. This will be determined through the Sigs crowdsale,
where Sigs will be sold over a 21 day time period, or until a maximum total
value of 45000ETH is sold. Once the supply is determined, Sigs will be
distributed as follows:
Sigs Crowdsale (60%): Sigs will be issued through a public crowdsale where a
maximum of 90Mil Sigs will be sold for 45000ETH. If this limit is reached, the
total supply of Sigs will be 150Mil Signal Tokens. This is based on the 90Mil Sigs
sold in the crowdsale representing 60% of the total supply. Once the crowdsale
is over, there will be no further opportunity to buy Sigs until platform launch.
Crowdsale participants can purchase Sigs with either Ethereum. The supply of
Sigs created and committed to buyers will be distributed through an Ethereum
Smart Contract following the crowdsale close.
Platform Reserve (20%): A portion of the total Sigs supply will be held in reserve
to support Sig interest returns for early curators. These Sigs will be used as a
temporary buff to pay curators who generate signals prior to ad integration.
This will also help us begin developing our attention data analytics protocol.
Management Team (14%): These Sigs will be kept within the company and
divided among the management team.
Escrow & Advisors (4%): Escrow partners and advisors will be compensated in
Sigs. 2% of the total Sigs supply will be evenly split among two escrow partners.
2% of the total Sigs supply will be evenly split and distributed to advisors.
Bounties and Rewards (2%): A portion of Sigs will be allocated to reward
proactive crowdsale participants through our bounty campaign. Sigs for the
bounty campaign will be split up as follows:
Bounty Campaign (2% of Sigs)
Bitcointalk Signatures: 40%
Translations Bounty: 15%
Blog Posts & Articles: 10%
Twitter Retweets: 10%
Bugs Audit: 10%
Facebook Shares: 5%
Newsletter Sign-up: 5%
Marketing & Promotion: 5%
Signal Tokens Crowdsale Event 
Sigs will be publicly issued through a token creation crowdsale event. The
crowdsale will open on 08/14/2017 at 12pm (GMT -5) and will run through
09/04/17. Total Sigs created will cap at 150Mil Signal Tokens, with 90Mil
Tokens being sold through the crowdsale for a total of 45000ETH. The
crowdsale will end immediately if the 45000ETH cap is reached. We will host
the Sigs crowdsale at www.spectivvr.com.
Level 1: 0ETH – 9000ETH = 2,400 Sigs/ETH = 21.6Mil Tokens
Level 2: 9000ETH – 18000ETH = 2,200 Sigs/ETH = 19.8Mil Tokens
Level 3: 18000ETH – 27000ETH = 2,000 Sigs/ETH = 18Mil Tokens
Level 4: 27000ETH – 36000ETH = 1,800 Sigs/ETH = 16.2Mil Tokens
Level 5: 36000ETH – 45000ETH = 1,600 Sigs/ETH = 14.4Mil Tokens
How to participate:
Users will need an Ethereum wallet; Spectiv suggests myetherwallet (MEW), but
any non-exchange Ethereum wallet will just as well be able to receive Sigs. This
Ethereum wallet will generate a personalized Ether address. When the
crowdsale launches, users will be able to specify how many Sigs they want to
buy. Then users will be prompted to input the Ethereum address tied to their
Ethereum wallet, this is where their Sigs will be sent. After a user inputs their Eth
address, they will be provided a unique payment address where they will send
their Ethereum to pay for Sigs. Once payment has been made, users will be able
to see the number of Sigs they purchased. Sigs will be distributed to the user
provided Ether addresses through an Eth Smart Contract following the end of
the crowd sale.




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